Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Sightings of Asherfras


Teacher Man said...

Congratulations! For a little one a week new to the world, he looks like he's been here quite some time. I think you have an old soul on your hands.
Good luck and hopefully you'll get some sleep in the next 18 years.

Barbara said...

He is a genius and a bundle of love...thank you for bringing him into all of our lives...we rejoice with you and can't wait for his first showing on the East Coast!

Mazel Tov! Love! Smoochies!
Penny and Manny

laura said...

so beautiful! congratulations all.

Shauna said...

Mazal tov! Your Lil Sass is just beautiful. So thrilled for you all. His face is exceptionally interesting, expressive, and handsome! Keep posting pictures and stories so we can feel the vicarious baby joy and wonder.

I'd like to pass along some wisdom that came to me from my step mom a few days after our Aviva was born. I found it helpful; maybe you will too. I guess, to borrow a cliche, the gist of it is: feel the fatigue and do it anyway.

Try suspending or reevaluating negative associations about fatigue, because a lot of the negativity about being fatigued can have to do with our fears of being disabled, of diminished effectiveness. But, a lot of those negative fears have to do with completing complex tasks while fatigued, like exams or work projects. A baby's needs are not so complex.

My step mom, an accomplished overachiever, told me a story about caring for her colicky baby (my step sister, Anna). She told me how Anna would cry three hours at a time and that one day her mom (my step-grandma) came by to help. My step grandma put her hand on my step mom's shoulder and told her "the only thing you need to do is hold your baby."

My step mom's story helped me realize that the only thing I needed to do was to hold Aviva, and that I could do this beautifully while fatigued, even with my eyes closed. Everything else, all that stuff I was inept at while fatigued, didn't matter during this special time with my infant daughter. At 3:00AM when I stumbled out of bed to feed Aviva I didn't need to worry about how the lack of sleep would ruin my performance the next day - because all I needed to do the next day was stumble out of bed to feed her and hold her again.

Enjoy this special time with your Lil' Sassafras. What a lucky baby he is to have you two.



Universal Donor said...

Dearest B & M:
Your baby is beautiful! Big hearty congratulations. I can't wait to visit and dandle the sucka on my knee.


planetplenty said...

Ben, what a man!

I wish you lots joy, sleep and another one.
All the best of health to you and your family.
I applaud You on the choice of a home birth!!

Lot's of Love