Friday, November 14, 2008

Papa Love

This is addressed to no one in particular and to the entire world as well:

I am super happy. I love being a dad. I love my wife. I love coming home to Asherfras and changing his diaper and watching him giggle and waggle his arms around. I love falling asleep while I rock his little bassinet. love waking up when i hear the sound of the binkie popping out of his mouth. I love giving him his bath each night and love when he sneezes -like me- always two times. I love watching my wife kiss him on his belly and love that i don't miss going places other than work or home.

I don't miss sleep, though I enjoy it when I get it. I don't miss bars, though a quiet snort is much appreciated. I don't miss surfing except when I think of it, which isn't often, because the blue, the remarkable blue of this boy's eyes give me my ocean fix.

I am deprived in sleep only. In every other way I am rich beyond measure.

Asher Temchine

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