Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It is hard to explain how much has changed for the little boychick. It is hard to fathom it.
I mean, for a start, look at this face:


This hasn't changed. The laughing.

He can't crawl yet. But soon. Very soon. He will flip his legs up to vertical while lying on his back, then drop them to one side or the other and pop up on all fours. It is his most elegant move. This is a lousy picture, but the best I have right now.


The rest of the time he is focused, always moving and wildly inefficient. He traces out spiraling loops over carpet and wooden floors to reach his goal. Something chewable. A wooden ring. A stuffed bug with crinkly ears and a dozen bright dangling legs.


He will swing wide past it and turn obliquely to his counter-clockwise and lurch a few feet at a tangent to the previous circle and then back up on all fours to survey the progress. Such as it is. But if you turn around for a moment, to finish typing something, in a few seconds he mysteriously closes the gap, like a knight on a chessboard. Clip clop and he's on top of it.


I had to sit him up, but he'll stay there on his own, chewing. This isn't exactly going to win him a Macarthur Award. But looking back and seeing him like this


And only six months ago is breath taking

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