Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day @ the Goat Farm

To the Goats

For my very first father's day we went to an all organic goat farm in Pescadero on the coast, something my wife rightly identified as "Neat, but probably something I never thought I would be doing on Father's Day."
Happy Papa Day!

We met up with some friends there, who also have little ones.
Mobbed by goats

As for the goats, we marveled at their... friendliness. One in particular followed Mikaela around and rubbed her head on Mikaela's bottom.
A very determined butt rubber

Asher enjoyed pulling on their ears and fur...
Pulling off goat ears

And while he showed a real appreciation for the fresh ricotta and feta, he did not like the hair nets one bit.

The complete photo set is here

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