Sunday, September 6, 2009

I dunno, I still don't see it

I still struggle to see the resemblance

Mikaela says that we most look alike in mannerisms and facial expressions. I could believe that this would be true, since I don't really know what my face actually looks like out there to you all in the world, just a rough outline.

It reminds of this section of Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

I see how Asher resembles me in spirit and attitude. In the way he devours the world. I'm thinking that I may have a clearer internal picture than external picture of myself. So I'll turn to the experts: all the people in the world who can see my face and Asher's face. What do you see?

Pictures taken by my lovely wife Mikaela at Echo Lake

5star_20090905 (9)


You can't see his face here. I just love it.


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