Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Update


The fantastic news is that he sleeps so well now (not jinxing anything i hope)we only get up twice a night to feed him and he regularly makes it to 6:30 am before waking. Hallelujah.

The change since we were back east has been dramatic. He is a fat, happy ball of smiling bouncing wriggling joy.

His hair is darkening a little, but still blond and his eyes are still a clear and bright blue. he is strong now, sitting up on his own once or twice and holding himself up in a push up. He is a champion bouncer as well. I'll post a mesmerizing video in the next day or two.

In the past week he has made a noticeable step towards talking. He has always babbled a great deal, but this week i feel like he discovered a world of consonants, k and p and b and g and he has started stringing vowels and consonants together.

It doesn't amount to anything sensible, but i can hear a voice there now. I have been looking at pictures from a few months ago and I feel like he is already many iterations separated from those first days. As are Mikaela and I.

It was great to see Papi out here. He is doing an admirable job resisting the desire to spoil the boy. Watching him read hand hand fingers thumb to Asher was beautiful.

Peace to you all. See you in a few weeks!


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